Back in 2016: Northern Spain on a Harley Davidson

I wrote this back in 2016 for the Zenith Motorcycles blog.

I’m reproducing this here mostly because Continue reading “Back in 2016: Northern Spain on a Harley Davidson”


Film Review: Back to Berlin  

Back to Belin banner

“It’s better to arrive at Auschwitz by bike than by train”

The Holocaust is one of the most difficult things to write about or to make films about. It is the subject which rookie director Catherine Lurie Continue reading “Film Review: Back to Berlin  “

Book Review: “Russia. Mongolia. Motorbike. Me.” by Nick Sanders


A profound treatise on solitude.

Much like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is not really about Zen or indeed motorcycle maintenance, so Russia. Mongolia. Motorbike. Me. is not really about Continue reading “Book Review: “Russia. Mongolia. Motorbike. Me.” by Nick Sanders”

9 Lessons For The Solo Motorcycle Adventurer (learned the hard way)


“My biggest thrill is when I plan something and it fails. My mind is then filled with ideas on how I can improve it.” 

~ Soichiro Honda    

5,244km later, the first journey is complete, the loop is closed. This is not part of the narrative, more a join on the much wider arc of thought and experience.

I had the blessing of Ted Simon, a machine built by the disciples of Continue reading “9 Lessons For The Solo Motorcycle Adventurer (learned the hard way)”

The Best is Yet to Come

2018 Brands Hatch

There is a strong wind but the skies are clear. The scenic route from the West Country back to London goes via the A38 and the A303 which runs through picturesque Wiltshire. It takes in several Stone, Bronze and Iron age sites and monuments, the most significant one of these being Continue reading “The Best is Yet to Come”

The Pilgrim Returns


It takes only a few minutes to get from one side of Santander to the other. At the waterfront near the ferry port there is Continue reading “The Pilgrim Returns”